Farmer to Farmer Exchange in Rural Filmmaking and Community Development
In May, Action 2030 partnered with PCC in rural Shanxi to invite a group of six villager filmmakers to a four day exchange event. During this exchange, the villager filmmakers and different local community groups shared their work and experiences through video content which they created themselves.

filmmaker exchangeThe villager filmmakers came from Caochangdi
Villager Filmmaking Project (Beijing), Art Is Simple Studio Villager Filmmaking Project (Shanxi) and Yunnan Villager Filmmaking Project. We also screened films and footage by the Puhan Community Center villager staff who have been using video in their work. The villagers’ films focused mainly on issues related to environmental conservation, traditional cultural preservation, and the protection of villagers’ rights.


The exchange was not just limited to rural screenings and discussions, but also aimed at encouraging villagers to share their community work experience from film to field. To further promote field experience during the exchange, we partnered the villager filmmakers with local organizations whom they were interested in filming with for half a day in the field. The critical lens of filmmaking encouraged the participants to explore a range of perspectives and views on various local issues.