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Sustainable Food and Agriculture

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Our global food and agriculture systems are in crisis. Energy and input-intensive farming practices, as well as industrial food processing and distribution systems, with their huge carbon footprint, are widely understood as out of sync with our current and future needs to achieve sustainability.

During the International Film Festival and Workshop on Sustainable Food and Agriculture, participants from China and the world over will meet to share their knowledge, discuss the current challenges of our global food and agriculture systems, and identify the best ways forward to sustainable solutions.

From exchanges on practical alternatives in agricultural techniques and food production drawn from around the world, to policy roundtables on innovative pathways toward systemic change, to film screenings, competitions, international food tastings and interactive panel discussions bringing together film makers, experts and practitioners from far-flung locales, this lively event will push the boundaries of the current discussion. The time for change is now.

No food and agriculture event of this kind has ever been held in China before!

You are invited to participate in this unique event
and to become a part of its annual legacy!

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