The Action 2030 Institute's Mission

is to assess and improve policy in practical, politically feasible ways, consistent with broad policy goals of

  • sustainable resource management
  • biodiversity conservation
  • poverty alleviation within China and around the world

Through policy research and facilitating unique conversations and information exchange, the Action 2030 Institute provides a space for ideas creation and forward-looking policy innovation. The Institute attempts to broaden the scope of policy discussion through participatory and inclusionary policy processes, integrating new information and ideas from a wide range of formal and informal actors and institutions.

News Commentary & Policy Analysis

Seminar: Doing policy analysis: a report from the field -- by Piers Blaikie & Joshua Muldavin
East-West Center, Honolulu. Jun 15 2012 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

The New York Times and International Herald Tribune published Professor Muldavin's op-ed on the recent Wukan uprising over land grabs and rural unrest in China.

The BBC Newshour interviewed Professor Muldavin on the Wukan uprising and local government landgrabs. (The Wukan story begins at 07:25 into the broadcast).

Recent Event

International Workshop on Sustainable Food and Agriculture in Beijing

At the COP 15

Action 2030's, Dale Wen (Senior Scientist) and James George (Communications Director and Policy Analyst) were recently at the COP 15 climate change meetings in Copenhagen.

See the news section to find their latest updates and field reports.

Action 2030 Update

Action 2030: past, present, future

What's New

Action 2030 Field Notes: "The Story of a Farmer and a Banker," Winter 2009.

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Action 2030 Policy Brief: "Soybean Production, Industrial Agriculture, and Climate Change," Spring 2009.

Action 2030 Policy Brief: "IIRSA, The Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America," Spring 2009.

Action 2030 Policy Brief: "Climate Change and China, Technology, Markets,and Beyond," Spring 2009.

Action 2030 Video: "Ivaneide Bandeiras at the World Social Forum 2009". Topic: Rio Madeira Dam Complex. Spring 2009.